Disability Hack for people with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder CMT or other Neuromuscular disorders
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Note: This Post was previously published and has been updated with current content.

You don’t realize how many everyday tasks require the use of a pincher grip until you don’t have one. To clarify, I have pinchers (fingers), it’s the gripping part that doesn’t cooperate.

Although I try to be positive and live my best life despite having peripheral neuropathy, it’s the small things, that can be the most frustrating and get me off my groove. Btw, if you have no clue who I am, or what I have, start here.

When you don’t have a pincher grip due to fine muscle weakness, it’s very difficult to pick up dropped change, crumbs of food, and basically any other small and flat item.

Although I do own one of these long grabber/claw devices that help people with a weak grasp reach and pick up things, my problem is just that I have a weak pincher grip, not with bending down. Frankly, I can use all the exercise I can get.

Disability Hack for people with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder CMT or other Neuromuscular disorders

So, I was pretty pumped when I discovered that I could repurpose a lint brush to be a mini grabber. They come in a ton of sizes and the handles are typically large and easy to hold onto. As an added bonus, they are super cheap. You can find them at any dollar store, or here are the mini ones I buy on Amazon.

What do you think? Do you have any tips or hacks of your own? I would love to hear. Btw, if you have neuropathy, you may appreciate my post here. I give tips that only a Girlfriend would tell you about living with peripheral neuropathy.


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  1. Good idea for around the house, but I don’t think I’d pull one out at Starbucks when I drop a handful of change on the floor while trying to funnel it into the coin section of my wallet. In that situation, I’ve pretty much become an expert at acting like “that didn’t just happen” or “it’s just a little bit of change, someone else can pick it up” (LOL). Lainie, thanks for all that you do – not just providing great ideas, but for making me feel like I’m not in this alone. xo

  2. Like Joy, if i drop change when I’m out, I often pretend not to notice 😉 I have stopped using cash now because receiving the coins (change) they all slip through my fingers! I’m actually laughing right now remembering receiving my change at the local starbucks, and the handful of toonies, loonies, quarters and dimes fell all over the counter and floor. I was certain my hand was ready to receive the change. certain, but not very realistic, lol!
    I love the sticky-roller idea for dropped items at home or out! I’d whip that thing out of my purse and roll up whatever whenever because it’s better than yet again asking for help. In fact that reminds me, I’m going to start bringing my own sugar cubes to restaurants that have those little paper packets!

  3. Hi Lotte,

    I have had a similar change nightmare before. Have you read my Fight with a Parking Meter Post? 😂😂👏🏻Thank you for your your great comment. I carry a scissors also in my purse for sugar packets.

  4. If I drop change and people are around me I say it’s a message from my dearly departed Grandma. She never picked up change from the ground because she said there are others who need it more than we do =)

    I love the lint brush roller idea. I also use a long piece of scotch tape. In fact i used it this morning to pick up a wrapped protein bar that I dropped on the floor. Just cut a long piece of tape and bend down just a bit it afix it to whatever and pick up your dropped items. Works like a charm (unless it’s heavy like a book) =)

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