products to keep you warm with neuropathy and a chronic illness or disability.

Breaking News Alert:Neuropathy and cold weather are never a good combination!

I live in Michigan and it’s cold In the month of December. Yep, I know, shocking right? But, once temps drop below 40 degrees it’s all we Midwesterners ever seem to talk about…rather, complain about. For the typical and “able” winter despiser, December to early March is all about layering up, thawing out, and making it through.

While many people dislike cold weather, for those of us living with chronic conditions and disabilities winter brings substantial cold weather pain. Do you have MS and feeling cold all the time? Or have Neuropathy cold sensitivity? Try some of these tips for that cold weather pain and start feeling warm!  the cold weather brings with it substantial pain and increased health risks. If moving to Hawaii is not in the cards for you this year, there are some things to keep you looking hot and prevent those chills from multiplying.

When it’s freezing outside, there is nothing better than being snuggled up on your couch wearing a cute pair of soft pajamas. Add a mug of yummy hot chocolate, an electric blanket, and a few juicy Netflix originals, and I’m all good for a lazy winter afternoon. Of course, I occasionally have to get up to go to the bathroom, but since I’ll be wearing a luxe pair of non-slip lavender scented slipper socks, I won’t worry as much about falling. I might even warm up between shows using a parrafin kit. The warming wax feels so amazing on stiff fingers and numb toes.

To stay healthy in the winter I pop a few vitamin gummies in my mouth before heading out in my car with a heated seat each weekday morning to Pilates. It’s easy and looks super cute to wear leg warmers over my afos (leg braces) with warm velvet Spanx tights.

After returning from Pilates, I throw on a soft cardigan and a pair of waterproof boots that also fit over my leg braces because they are a wide width and have a side zipper. On a really freezing cold day, I might even heat up a few hand and feet warmers and slip them into my boots and mittens. Of course every cold weather fashionista needs an on trend fur beanie, shearling ear muffs with bluetooth , and an awesome winter parka.

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What keeps you looking and feeling your hottest in the winter with an invisible disability? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. Lainie, thanks so much for all your great research & posts. Because of you I am feeling more confident about my braces and CMT than ever. Happy New Year!

  2. Lainie,
    Interestingly, I was wondering about those paraffin baths just last week. It was cold and wet her in Baltimore and I recalled how wonderful it felt the one time I had this treatment at the Occupational Therapists. Thanks for the link!

  3. Thanks Lainie, this is great. I thought I knew all the cold-weather hacks. Now I am waiting for my electric blanket to die so I can justify buying the cute sherpa one.

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