Women with Arthritis and CMT Buttoning Shirt

A great fitted white shirt is a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe. But, when you have fine motor issues, all fasteners are a pain in the a##; especially buttons.

You can use a button helper (metal tool found at home health type stores. But,  they are time consuming to use. Instead,  I have all my button downs sewn up permanently by a local seamstress. I always leave a few open at the top and buy shirts with plenty of stretch in the fabric so that I can easily slip them over my head.

You can get many more diy adaptive fashion hacks and tips here

What are your favorite Tweaks?


  1. Love your blog. Inspirational
    Really intrigued by your sandals and whether i can wear them as well. Do you wear them with your AFO ? I only wear ankle braces so far.
    Keep the blog coming please?1+

    • Thanks so my much! I really appreciate your comment ? So, I cannot walk without AFOs outside of my home so every photo you see me in, I am in leg braces. The afos I wear are by Allard & they are called the Blue Rocker.

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