Women with Arthritis and CMT Buttoning Shirt
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A great fitted white shirt is a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe. But,

when you have fine motor issues, all fasteners are a pain in the a##; especially buttons.

You can use a button helper (metal tool found at home health type stores. But,  they are time consuming to use. Instead,  I have all my button downs sewn up permanently by a local seamstress. I always leave a few open at the top and buy shirts with plenty of stretch in the fabric so that I can easily slip them over my head.

What are your favorite Tweaks?

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  1. Love your blog. Inspirational
    Really intrigued by your sandals and whether i can wear them as well. Do you wear them with your AFO ? I only wear ankle braces so far.
    Keep the blog coming please?1+

    • Thanks so my much! I really appreciate your comment 😀 So, I cannot walk without AFOs outside of my home so every photo you see me in, I am in leg braces. The afos I wear are by Allard & they are called the Blue Rocker.

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