Cruising fashion, tips, hacks, and advice for enjoying a cruise with a disability.

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The term “Resort Wear” sounds a bit pretentious right? Like an outfit that’s supposed to look easy- breezy & casual, but in reality is very high maintenance to wear and costs more than a mortgage payment. Not exactly a style of clothing appealing to people with physical challenges & disabilities.

Of course the actual definition of resort wear (also called cruise wear) is just as it sounds. A type of dress worn around a tropical resort, on a cruise, and/or anywhere there’s sun and a body of water. Wait, is there a body of water near Vegas? Irregardless, resort wear works in Vegas too, just with added bling & less fabric.

But resort wear isn’t just a one season thing reserved for only wealthy, able-bodied jet setters. It’s a year-round fashion style that allows people with disabilities & who wear afos (leg braces) like myself, to dress comfortably & stylishly while vacationing & all summer long.

Speaking of vacations….It’s been a REALLY long cold winter here in Michigan! Fortunately, I’m getting away soon & counting down the minutes (seconds) until our Spring Break cruise. I know, lucky me!

So, after putting together this post on tips for cruising when you have a disability and the essentials cruise items to pack, I’m now turning my attention (and credit card) to finding cute & disability friendly resort wear outfits.

Of course, for the sake of “research”, I had to buy some of the cute maxi dresses and sandals to take on our cruise. I mean, I need to make sure they hold up in a tropical climate right? Below are two resort wear daytime looks I’m loving. To see other afo friendly sandals, maxi dresses, and flowy pants to pack for a trip or anytime, you can visit the Trend-Able “Shop”.

Cute fashion for AFOS/ ORTHOTICS
What to wear with AFOS/ ORTHOTICS


?Swimsuit ?Hat ?Sunglasses ?Velcro Sandals ?Maxi ?Tote

The resort wear looks shown above are for daytime wear in and around a beach or pool area. Since navigating pools with foot-drop and other disabilities can be stressful, I definitely want to look and feel great in the clothes I’m wearing. Btw, you may be interested in my best tips for navigating & enjoying resort pools with afos and an invisible disability.

So, what do you think of these resort wear looks? Are you going on a trip soon? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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  1. Can you wear the Naot pixie sandal with out your brace…if so how do you do that. I have Drop foot (left) and balance issues. I’m 76 but love fashion. I don’t hide my brace but seldom go out with out and it’s a drag as I love to dress up.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I wear my braces always so every shoe pictured are worn with my afos. Obviously, they can also be worn by people without but these are shoes that fit with as well.

      I am able to wear a small wedge with my afo. I was not able to in previous ones. Does this answer your question ? Feel free to restate if I didn’t ??

  2. Hi Lainie, what an awesome styles of outfilts you shared in your blog. I like those brown color of footwear, and I am willing to buy same type of footwears for me. Thanks for sharing.

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