Mascara hack for those with hand weakness, CMT, Parkinson's, ms, tremors, arthritis & cerebral palsy.

You don’t have to have a disability to get why I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. It’s the one beauty product that has the ability to make you look younger and like a football player at the same time. I’ve scoured the Internet for mascara hacks or some type of DIY mascara shield until I found the perfect one.You are going to love this mascara hack!

My Favorite Mascara Hack

When mascara is good, it’s soooo good. Having long, thick, luxurious lashes puts a pep in your step and sparkle in your eyes. Literally!  Even when going to the gym on “no makeup days”, mascara is as essential to my morning face as coffee is to my morning body.

But when mascara is bad (and your hand control sucks), it’s like a warp speed tornado whizzing by and leaving black smudge destruction in its wake – all over my face, the bathroom, and even my clothing. While mascara smudge is a common complaint among most makeup wearers, the fact that I have hand weakness and tremors definitely doesn’t help things.

I was recently on Pinterest searching for adaptive tools and hacks to add to one of my boards when I came across a tool being sold on Amazon called a mascara shield. Basically, it’s a piece of plastic with a handle that can be used to block mascara from smudging during application. So simple and yet so useless for those of us who can barely hold a tube of mascara let alone something additional.

I thought to myself, we need something you don’t have to hold. I had an epiphany. Wouldn’t a post-it note stuck under your lower lashes do the same thing as that $10 mascara shield? I know.   It’s kinda basic and silly but makes sense, right? It totally worked and now I know how to put on mascara perfectly with hand tremors and weakness. Here’s what I did:

How to put mascara on bottom lashes without smudging

To do my bottom lashes, I took a regular size Post It note and stuck it directly underneath my bottom lashes. All excess mascara landed on the paper instead of my skin. The best part of this hack is that Post It notes are cheap and you can use as you need!

How to put on mascara perfectly to top lashes

To do my top lashes, I used another Post It note and attached it to my nose and face on an angle. I later (picture didn’t turn out) turned the note upside down and stuck it to my forehead as a barrier when I applied the mascara to the corners of my top lashes.


While this DIY mascara hack is not perfect and looks ridiculous, it definitely works!  And that’s the point!  I have had far fewer mascara smudges on me post implementing the Post It hack.

What do you think? Try it and let me know in the comments below. I cannot wait to hear from you. (And I’d love to see your gorgeous smudge-free lashes!)





  1. What a wonderful idea. I’m sitting hear laughing thinking I may actually be able to at least put mascara on again without serious frustration. 🙂 Thank you sharing.

  2. I LIKE this! My hack for the upper lashes is to place a small mirror on the table or counter, then apply mascara while looking down into the mirror. This trick brings the upper lashes down away from the skin on/around my eyelids, but it does not work for the lowers. The two together will help me complete the look!

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