The saying “move it, or lose it!” is especially true for those of us with chronic physical disabilities and challenges. As a person living with Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) disorder, I know there is nothing I can do to prevent and undo my damaged nerves. But, I can compensate for the loss of nerve and tissue by maintaining and strengthening the muscles around them.

It’s a proven fact (I think) that when people wear trendy and fitted workout clothing as opposed to wearing just anything that fits, they feel more motivation to workout. A few years ago, when Lululemon stopped selling the “Reverse Groove” flared pants that hid my AFOs (leg braces), my motivation to work out in public definitely dissipated. I have since found skinny leg workout pants I feel confident wearing.

Spiritual Gangster May We All Hoodie Sweatshirt – This sweatshirt is easy to throw on and has a great message.

Spiritual Gangster Tank Top – A comfy cotton tank is a great gym go to. I love ones with inspirational and motivating messages.

Zella from Nordstrom Plank Pants – I love these pants and have 4 pairs that I rotate. They are a straight narrow leg style that fits over my AFOs. The midrise style is comfortable and flattering.

Goodwyn Non-Skid Socks – These socks can also we used as slippers. They are very soft, and the non-skid material covers the sole without digging into the skin.

Puma Platform Rubber Sole Velcro Shoes – All women who have fine motor issues should have a pair of easy-to-put-on velcro gym shoes. Once the insole is removed, these Pumas become AFO friendly too.

Fitbit Charge 2 Stainless Steel Replacement Band– I wear a Fitbit but I’m not a competition junkie like my husband is with his. I try to get my 10,000 plus steps per day and mostly succeed. I have this watch style magnetic band attached to my Fitbit which is not only super stylish but also inexpensive and easy for me to take on & off.

Grab & Go Pony by Erikson – These are the best ponytail holders if you have thick hair and hand issues. They never break and stretch very easily.

What do you feel most comfortable working out in? Share it in the comments!



  1. I’m not disabled, but I do have problems in my lumbar area that was caused by improper weight lifting. My nerves in my legs are kind off sensitive so i can’t wear tight gym pants. I would usually wear shorts then have something to support my back when working out.

    • . That’s a physical something that can get in your way for sure. It sucks that it happened doing something good for yourself ? Thanks for reading & commenting.

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