Everyone loves a summer wedding, right? There’s nothing more romantic than a breathtakingly gorgeous garden or beachfront wedding; waves crashing in the backdrop while a couple pledges their undying love. It’s the cliched wedding fantasy little girls (some boys too) dream about their whole lives; the happy ending of a sappy Lifetime movie.

Upon receiving an invite, many guests also buy into that perfect outdoor wedding fantasy. They’re excited to attend and don’t even think about what the humidity might be like that day, or how they’ll balance walking should the venue ground be uneven. You can read more about this in my post 10 Do’s & Don’ts For Wedding Guests With Disabilities.  For the physically ”able” summer wedding guest, shopping for the perfect outfit helps to build one’s excitement. But, for those of us who have to find clothing to accommodate orthotic devices, and shoes to fit feet that swell even more in the summer heat, shopping for something stylish to wear can be a nightmare.

If you are wondering what to wear to a wedding with AFOs or leg braces, I’ve got you covered. Check out the following 4 outfits. The styles featured are flattering on most body types and the shoes are wide enough to accommodate some types of orthotics and leg braces.

If something works, I would love to know.

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  1. Awesome job here, Lainie! Thanks for inspiring confidence in me to start planning my summer party outfits. I think I need to look into an Allard brace, too. I think they’re more likely to fit into the shoes you suggest than my Helios braces. Every now and then, I’d sacrifice the energy return I get from Helios for the chance to wear cute shoes, again. ??

  2. These outfits are really beautiful. Thank you so much for what you doing here. I would actually feel confident going to a wedding in one of these, braces or not!

    • Thanks so much Briana! I so appreciate you taking the time to comment. I loved putting the outfits together & it’s just a bonus if someone buys anything…I want people to see they have options and as you said, I would wear these leg braces or no leg braces. ??

  3. Aloha! Love the outfits and your site. Can you include shoes or boots that are narrow too? Some of us do not need wide but actually need narrow shoes with good support.
    Thank you!

  4. I know you told us before but I can’t remember…my age. I wear an Allard Brace 24-7, how do you wear the above I espadrilles when shoes does not accommodate brace. Thank you again.
    I loved article on accepting how we look. I try not to be so tough in myself

    • Hi Sandra,

      Did you see the video I posted on the Facebook page? I show the braces & talk about my sandals etc. Check it out & also look at the shoes posted on the website ”sandals for leg brace wearers”. Most are extra wide with depth & all fit the Allard braces. If you have specific questions, send me a message via Facebook or Instagram. ??

  5. Much obliged so much, Briana. I believe will probably fit into the shoes you propose than my Helios supports. Once in a while, I’d forfeit the vitality return I get from Helios for the opportunity to wear charming shoes, once more. Incidentally, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

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