what to wear for July 4th when you have an invisible disability and wear leg braces.

The 4th of July is what we call it everywhere in the USA.  But, it’s actually Independence Day.  At Trend-Able, every day is Independence Day.  It’s what I am about, what I do and what I focus on all the time.

This year, once again, there is no need to dig deep to pick my favorite colors for the month of July.  Red White and Blue come forth as expected!  I’ve chosen some faves for you to consider that align with the summer trends highlighted by the fashion industry this month.  Long flowy pants, graphic tees, bold stripes and eye catching accessories like red glasses and a super sun hat are what it’s about this month.

My recommendations for adorable Velcro closure sandals that work well with many leg braces are also on fleek (see my spring post about shoes, orthotics and my CMT and are being shown in fashion blogs and magazines this summer. I’m always happy when the natural trends of the season align with my needs for comfort and usability with my braces.

The ability to independently and comfortably put on a pair of shoes is something that many without disabilities take for granted. I celebrate all of you who, like me, can’t tackle this simple-summer-sandal-moment before walking out the door without some planning.

As long as I can, I plan to celebrate my physical independence and to do it in style—and I’m so glad to have you ladies all along for the journey!



  1. If you are recommending these sandals and saying they can be worn with AFOs, I’d love to see them on you as I’m sure others would as well. It would really help us decide whether we can wear them or not.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for writing. The shoes & clothing are Just suggestions that may or may not work for you. Every brace is different and there are factors like, foot width, foot shape, ability etc. I recommend things that work & fit my wide foot & Allard braces. All items are from retailers with good return policies. It’s always trial & error.

      Unfortunately, It Isn’t possible for me to personally buy every item I like ( my husband would not be happy).

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