Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces

Do you know how hard it is to find velcro shoes for orthotics? I mean ones that are stylish and fit right? And we all want comfortable shoes too!  Trust me, it can be tough and super frustrating.  And up until now, I had given up. But then I found Plae shoes for AFOs.

I love this pair of adjustable velcro shoes by Plae called the “Larkin”. After reading about the company and their  “plae it forward” mission, I fell in love.  Not only do the shoes have velcro for hand-challenged people like me, they have great traction, removable insoles, and room for AFOs and orthotics.  Now.  Hear me when I say this.  These are shoes I highly recommend.  Check them out for yourself!

If you’re really in a shoe shopping mood, my post about the best shoes to wear with AFO braces will really excite you.  I’ve done the research for you.  Hey.  A girl looks out for her friends.  Keep calm and shop on!


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