Are you frustrated with spilled drinks while carrying your cup or mug around your house?  I know I was until I found this cool Spill Not Cup Carrier that was the answer to my   problems!  With my tremors & weak hands from Charcot Marie Tooth (more on me & CMT) I used to have my fair share of coffee stains around my house and on me but not now!

You can literally fill a hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any beverage of your choice all the way up to the rim, go up & down stairs; swing the carrier back & forth, and the cup doesn’t budge from the center of this no spill cup carrier.

The liquid in the cup does not spill or slosh in the cup, and the cup doesn’t slide when carried or swung around. This is because the loop handle is very flexible and cannot deliver a lateral acceleration to the cup, which is usually what makes beverages spill from an open container.  The fundamental concepts of Newtonian physics explains why this amazing tray can be used to carry and swing a full open cup of coffee (or any liquid) with no spills.  But for me, it’s as simple as when I’m attempting to walk upstairs (which is hard enough already) this thing allows me to carry beverages without a single spill!

Not just for use at home, it is also perfect for parties, restaurants and even boats!  It is a DURABLE yet elegant hanging tray for a single open beverage that can be swung all around with an incredibly small risk of spilling.

I’m not the type of person who buys random things on home shopping channels, I don’t believe the claims of all those As Seen On TV products & despise clutter. So, it never occurred to me to look for a no spill carrier. But now that I have one, I’m loving the freedom it gives me & the time it saves in having to clean up spills & stains.

I promise you will not be disappointed in this purchase and when your friends see it they will be envious and want one too.  They also make a great gift if you know someone with fine motor challenges!

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