Socks for leg brace or afo wearers

Wearing AFOs is bad enough but being comfortable in them is near impossible! And being stylish in them is a whole other story. These AFO brace socks are some of the best when it comes to comfort. While you may think they’re not very fashionable, they feel amazing! If you are looking for fashion advice, check out my posts on AFO fashion.

These socks are made for adults that require ankle foot orthotics (AFOs). They are completely seam-free and provide comfortable protection under orthotics. Seam free = extreme comfort!  AFO brace socks feature a “heel-less” design to ensure a perfect fit.  The soft material is both moisture wicking and anti-microbial. They are sold in a package of three which saves $$.

If you are looking for stylish compresson socks, check out my blog post about cute compression socks!  Yes, you can be fashionable and comfortable.  My mission is to do the research and help give you several options.

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