Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces

Sneakers are everywhere these days!  And they’re not just reserved for the gym or casual weekend wear. Cute stylish sneakers can be worn with tailored dress pants and a button-down shirt or a maxi dress in the summer.  Here’s why they work for AFO and orthotic wearers:  removable orthotic insole!  Yup. It’s that simple.  And, oh!  Does it ever make a difference!

I tried on this cute pair by Natural Soul at Nordstrom’s and couldn’t decide which color to buy. The orthotic insole is removable, of course.  I didn’t even need to unzip them to get my AFO supported feet inside. Oh, and they are soooo comfortable.  Stylish meets comfort = it’s a win!

If sneakers aren’t your thing, I give the lowdown on other fashionable footwear that works well with orthotics.  Yes, I LOVE shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals!

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