Inspiring People & Guest Posts Woman with CMT Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder Inspires others with Fitness Tips

Tara Lyn Emerson Q&A

Tara has been in athletics her whole life. She is a certified trainer, spinning, and TRX instructor, and she was named one of Los Angeles’ best instructors by Class Pass.

Movement is important to Tara because she lives with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT). This disease has caused progressive atrophy in her lower legs, limiting her balance and strength.

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Disability Products & Reviews Alternative No slip socks for people with CMT, MS and afo leg brace wearers


Afo (leg brace) wearers have to wear shoes when wearing afos; they simply don’t work alone. If you rely on leg braces for stability and/or foot drop, then you most likely wear both shoes and afos every-time you leave your home. I feel more comfortable wearing both shoes and braces for long periods of time…

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Inspiring People & Guest Posts Girl with neuromuscular disorder called CMT interviewed about her life with a disability


A Note from Lainie: If you are looking for best shoes for footdrop, there are several brands mentioned by Rebecca below. I have updated the styles that she originally mentioned with styles and links. For other shoes that work people with more severe footdrop who require an afo and/or orthotics, there are many posts about…

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Fashion Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


Sneakers are everywhere these days!  And they’re not just reserved for the gym or casual weekend wear. Cute stylish sneakers can be worn with tailored dress pants and a button-down shirt or a maxi dress in the summer.  Here’s why they work for AFO and orthotic wearers:  removable orthotic insole!  Yup. It’s that simple.  And,…

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Disability Life Hacks & TipsDisability Products & ReviewsFashion shoe help for people with leg braces or orthotics


When I first started wearing leg braces, I thought my cute shoe days were over forever. Since the brace made my already wide foot even wider, I thought the only bearable option were wide-width overpriced “comfort shoes”.

I had an epiphany a few years ago when I realized that since I remove the insoles from every pair of shoes, I’m not really getting or apparently needing the “comfort” part; My leg braces are doing the real work.

What I really needed, were wide shoes with depth, good soles & stability. Some plus size stores have EEEE width shoes. They are mostly inexpensive and best of all, always on trend.

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Fashion Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


When you need a bit of extra room to maneuver your foot and/or orthotic into a shoe, the double zipper trend becomes not just cute, but functional as well. These are cute zip trainers with some bling by Comfortview.  They are available in wide to EEE width.

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