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Do you have a hard time tying your shoe laces because of hand weakness or another debilitating issue? These magnetic shoe laces are going to change your life then. Read on! If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time or know me (learn more about me) then you know how much I…

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Disability Life Hacks & TipsFashion Diy Adaptive Fashion

Adaptive Fashion 101

Until recently, fashion and disability was pretty much an oxymoron. The clothing available for people with physical challenges called “health wear” was found in home medical supplies stores next to other functional items like incontinence supplies and shower seats.

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Inspiring People & Guest Posts How to Live A Happy Life With MS

Meet Tori Wompey

Love your blog. I’m currently using a wheelchair and walker due to MS and breaking my leg. I write blogs as well and was the Colorado chairperson for the #MSbeautiful photo shoot. Do you have any ideas of cute clothes to wear with the walker or wheelchair?

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WHERE TO BUY ADAPTIVE FASHION : THE 2019 LIST OF ONLINE RETAILERS The Able Label – Uk based company that sells fashionable adaptive women’s clothing. Shipping is free in the UK and worldwide shipping is available. https://www.theablelabel.com/collections/the-able-label-all-clothes   Able 2 Wear – UK based company that sells unisex clothing. Although primarily geared for wheelchair users…

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Fashion Disability Hack for buying fashionable shoes and boots when you wear one afo/leg brace or orthotic and need shoes in two different sizes.


I started Trend-Able to empower women with invisible physical disabilities to look and feel their best in order to live their best lives. I struggled with low self esteem as a young person with invisible disabilities and have made it my mission to help others learn how to accept their perfections and focus on their strengths.

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Fashion Fashionable outfits for moms with disabilities and wide width shoes for those who wear afos


September is back to school time . If you’re like many moms I know and spent the summer working unpaid overtime as camp directors & uber drivers, you’re probably doing a little freedom dance every weekday morning. My dance ( if you could even call it that with my leg braces & sucky balance) is…

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Disability Life Hacks & Tips Unexpected Priveledged Problems When You have disabilities, Wear AFO’S /Leg Braces & Have A Neuromuscular Disease Like Charcot Marie Tooth or MS.


Disclaimer: All problems are relative to the person, situation, demographic, & resources . The following “problems” are those faced by me, an admittedly privileged suburban woman with invisible (not obvious) physical challenges due to an inherited neuromuscular disorder called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). The hashtag #firstworldproblems refers to those everyday, non life-threatening, and sometimes superficial  ”problems”…

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