One of the questions I get asked a lot on Trend-Able’s social media pages is about sandals and how I wear them with leg braces. If this is a question you have, you will find the answer in my post called, Sandals for Afo Wearers. Or, feel free to reach out to me directly. Even if you don’t wear leg braces or orthotics, finding cute sandals that fit comfortably can be a challenge.

Several of the sandals below fit many types of leg braces and orthotics. Some have removable insoles and others come in wide or extra wide sizes. There are options for casual everyday sandals, as well as dressier choices for summer weddings and events. See the, ”What To Wear To An Outdoor Wedding” post for even more styles. Many of the sandal picks below have velcro closures; this makes them easier to wear for people with hand neuropathy. You will also find a few pairs of waterproof and closed toe sandals in the mix: