The PurrFect Gripper Jar and Bottle Opener is pretty cool and an all-in-one tool for anyone with grasping challenges.  If you have upper extremity disabilities or arthritis, this is your next go-to kitchen gadget!  Top on my list of disabilities hacks!

The Puurfect Bottle Opener – Gripper

It features a cat-shaped head (CUTE!) at one end and is designed to fit around the twist top of water or soda bottles to aid in opening them. The body end of this cat-shaped opener is flexible and designed to fit around jar lids of all sizes. Other features include a serrated packaging cutter between the cat’s ears and a built-in magnet that holds it on the refrigerator.

This gripper-opener is so adorable, it’s ‘puurfect’ for anyone!  Children will enjoy using it.  Cat lovers will go crazy for it.  And people with strength issues will wonder why they didn’t have one before.  Functional.  Affordable.  It’s a win!  Struggling for a great gift idea?  Look no more!

You know.  The more I think about it, this would be a great addition to a picnic basket.  Ooh!  Housewarming gift!  Now my wheels are turning…..

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