If you have ever struggled to get up and out of the car, this portable handle hooks instantly into the door latches of any car. Simply open your door and snap it on! Car Cane gives you a handy grip so you won’t slip! It’s perfect for those tall SUVs or low compact cars too. It also has a built in flashlight. This set includes a swivel cushion for your car seat.


Freedom gas cap wrench is a lightweight, durable plastic tool designed to easily turn a stubborn gas cap. The bottom of the wrench fits securely over the raised bar on the gas cap and provides additional leverage, allowing the user to easily twist the cap open. Simply place the wrench over the gas cap and turn.


The Ungrip is a fabric loop that attaches to the back of a mobile device. The comfortsble soft fabric loop allows the user to safely hold his phone while conversing or texting without the risk of dropping it. Comes in a variety of patterns and styles.


A great on the go attachment to any irregularly shaped item including water bottles. . The device consists of a container holder with super grip non-slip strap liner and a stainless steel handle with a rubberized coating. The handle is equipped with a slot through which the strap passes and the handle can be bent and adjusted to fit the user’s hand.


This one button umbrella was designed for use by individuals with fine motor and grasping disabilities. The umbrella opens and closes with the push of the same button, and is made from lightweight aluminum and fiberglass. The umbrella folds flat for carrying in a pocket or briefcase. Although you still have to push a button, you do not have to also attempt to close it.

portable scissors for people with charcot marie tooth disease & ms

Use Scissors Not Your Teeth

In my blog ”Tips For Girlfriends With Neuropathy”, I wrote about the costly mistake of always using my teeth to open things. Since the ”missing tooth incident”, I always keep a pair of these soft grip scissors in my purse and another pair in the glove box of my car to cut things like sweetener and water flavoring packets on the go.