portable scissors for people with charcot marie tooth disease & ms

Use Scissors Not Your Teeth

In my blog ”Tips For Girlfriends With Neuropathy”, I wrote about the costly mistake of always using my teeth to open things. Since the ”missing tooth incident”, I always keep a pair of these soft grip scissors in my purse and another pair in the glove box of my car to cut things like sweetener and water flavoring packets on the go.

Ice packs to keep those with chronic conditions cool.

Stuff Your Bra

These tiny ice packs have fabric on one side. I put then inside my bra or tuck them under my leg braces for an instant cool down in the summer heat.

Cooling towels for those with Chronic conditions or disabilities

Keep Your Cool

These packable towels are awesome & super convenient when you have to be outdoors in the heat. Just get them wet & then shake them to activate.

Water bottle with a straw for those with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder.

Ice Ice Baby! The Best Water Bottle

This is a less expensive version of a best selling insulated water bottle that uses the same technology to keep beverages icy cold the whole day; Literally. This one comes with 4 different style lids including one with an attached straw.

A tool for zipping, pulling & buttoning when you have a disability or neuromuscular disorder.


Going shopping? Throw this in your purse & you’ll have all the dressing tools you need for trying on & removing clothing and shoes. It’s also great to take with you when traveling.