Slipper alternative for leg brace afo wearers to prevent slipping.

These no slip socks are a great slipper alternative. When I don’t have time to put on my leg braces for quick trips to the bathroom or when letting my dogs out, I throw these no slip socks on.  I always feel secure and safe that I won’t slip and fall. I also use them for pilates class. I love that the non-skid material doesn’t hurt my feet.  The gripper dots on the bottom cover the entire foot from toe to heel.  Even after several washes, the dots keep their grip.  Seriously.  The grip keeps me feeling safe while allowing me to perform and enjoy my pilates class.  These no slip socks would also be awesome in a yoga class or other exercise program.   Comfort and safety in a slipper alternative cannot get better than this!

The socks come to mid ankle.  They are sold in a 3 pack so you’ll always have a pair ready to wear.

Bonus Tip : If your orthotics tend to move around in your shoes, stop them from moving by wearing non-slip socks that rock like these.  You won’t be sorry!

Double Bonus Tip:  Check out my loopy socks if dressing your feet is a challenge.  Loops are located at the top of the socks which help with pulling them on.

Something Else:  Stay active, be safe, and have fun!

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