A fan with mister for keeping cool when you have a disability or chronic condition

I have a new love.  Yup.  Let me introduce you.  Meet the rechargeable fan with mister!

Sometimes things just get too darn hot!  Like super steaming hot!  I’m not sure about you, but I sure don’t want my makeup to smudge. Especially after I’ve spent so long putting it on.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do!  If you are like me and have an invisible disability, it takes a bit longer to apply my makeup.  After all that effort, I want it to last! Check out more about applying makeup with hand weakness and other makeup tips.

Whether it’s summer or hot flashes, this fan with mister is the best hand-held mister I’ve ever used. Ever! I used to pack this in my kid’s duffle bags for camp, but now I also pack them in my car to use for a quick cool down on the go.  I love how lightweight it is.

And did I mention it’s rechargeable?  Heck, yeah!  It charges from USB devices or with its adapter the traditional way.  Bonus:  it can fold making it extra useful!  Can you say “hands free”?  For people with hand neuropathy, this gem of a gadget is a win!

You will LOVE this fan with mister.  Stay COOL!!

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