Foot & calf massager forafo leg brace wearers

As a leg brace wearer (AFOs), my muscles get sore and tight. And I’ve learned massage is as much a necessity for me as it is a luxury. Going to a massage parlor can get costly.  Regardless of how wonderful it makes me feel, I can’t always afford this luxury.  So I found another solution. I bought a massager!  I can use this at home.  Any time!

This amazing foot and calf massager has rolling balls, air compression, and heat that not only feels good but also stimulates blood flow and increases circulation.  Circulation is so important! Can you say, “Ahhhhh?”

And what about your hands?  My neuropathy makes my hands stiff.  I get amazing relief from a hand massager!  Hey!  Life is about enjoyment; not pain.  These two massagers will definitely give you relief from your painful muscles.

Have you tried either one yet? What did you think? It’s like a spa-cation for sure!

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