Touch & Brush Tooth Paste Dispenser

This device holds any size toothpaste and measures out the perfect amount of toothpaste every time. It mounts to any surface with built in suction cups.

The Brush Crush

This is a heated paddle brush that straightens and removes frizz from dry hair. It’s great for people with hand tremors or weakness, because unlike other irons, you can hold this one without the risk of burning your skin or anything else.

No Spill Nail Polish Holder

For those of you that prefer to do your manicures at home, The Tweexy is a wearable nail polish holder for people who have minor hand weakness and/or tremors. It is designed to be fit all fingers and holds all nail polish brands.


I am a big fan of these pain free electric hair removers. You do have to slide the small button, but it’s way better than trying to use a tweezer if you have hand problems.


This awesome device attaches to your razor of choice and adds 15-20 inches in length making it easier to hold and manipulate the razor.  The articulating head rotates to a 30°, 45° or 90°-degree angle allowing people with balance issues and limited mobility to shave those hard to reach areas independently and with two feet on the ground.

Get Loopy For Ez Socks

These socks with thumb loops attached, are great for people who have hand neuropathy or the use of only one hand. The loop fabric is stiff like denim and meant to be tugged and pulled. They are also extremely soft.