This awesome device attaches to your razor of choice and adds 15-20 inches in length making it easier to hold and manipulate the razor.  The articulating head rotates to a 30°, 45° or 90°-degree angle allowing people with balance issues and limited mobility to shave those hard to reach areas independently and with two feet on the ground.

Get Loopy For Ez Socks

These socks with thumb loops attached, are great for people who have hand neuropathy or the use of only one hand. The loop fabric is stiff like denim and meant to be tugged and pulled. They are also extremely soft.

Foam grippers for trippers

If you tend to drop things, these simple and colorful foam tubes are a simple solution. They can fit on many everyday products and be trimmed to size.

Disability hack for blowdrying your hair when you have a chronic condition or disability

Blow Dry Your Hair Without Breaking A Sweat

This amazingly simple device can be life changing for some women as it allows you to blow dry your hair without holding a heavy dryer. This one is made by a well respected beauty brand & has a heavy base that doesn’t fall over. You just attach any size blowdryer to the easy open velcro straps. It’s awesome especially when you have a lot of hair to blow-dry.

Disability tool for buttoning and zippers when you have a neuromuscular condition like charcot marie tooth, arthritis or ms.

Don’t Miss A Button

For anyone with fine motor challenges, these button assist tools are indispensable. I like this one because it has a large soft grip handle and doubles as a pulling tool for zippers.

Disability hack for brushing your teeth when you have a neuromuscular condition.

The Toothbrush Pillow

This simple gadget provides a stable and hypogenic resting spot for your toothbrush while applying toothpaste to it. Use the other section to dry your toothbrush in between applications.