Alternative No slip socks for people with CMT, MS and afo leg brace wearers

Afo (leg brace) wearers have to wear shoes when wearing afos; they simply don’t work alone. If you rely on leg braces for stability and/or foot drop, then you most likely wear both shoes and afos every-time you leave your home.

I feel more comfortable wearing both shoes and braces for long periods of time in my home as well. But, when I have no time (dog has to go out quickly or I have to pee etc) I go barefoot. Recently, I started using my favorite pilates/yoga socks not just for working out. The tread completely covers the bottom so I don’t slip but doesn’t hurt my sensitive feet when I walk. They are super soft and easy to out on. I also love all of the positive messages on the soles. I own the ”be amazing” pair.

You can get a pair here!

What are your favorite Tweaks?


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