Fashionable shoes with removable insoles for women who wear orthotics and/or afos leg braces due to a neuromuscular condition like Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder.
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I have been wearing afos/leg braces for more than 20 years and consider myself an unofficial expert on finding fashionable shoes that fit. I have worn several different types of afos but have been wearing a carbon fiber style for the past 10 years. This style of afos has a smaller footbed than the custom plastic kind I used to wear and can fit into more shoe styles.

You should know that I’m not a doctor, orthotics, nor a rule follower. I’m pretty sure that many of the sandals, shoes and boots I wear & post here do not comply with the brace manufacturer’s instructions.I know my condition and abilities and if the shoe fits…..

So,it’s your choice and decision to experiment with various shoe styles…You can take them or leave them but please don’t sue me.

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  1. These are phenomenal options! I love the look of the Sorel Sneak. Thank you for your leg work (haha), Lainie!! Can’t wait for the boots. I’m going to work with my AFO guy to see if he can adjust the calf cuff of my Noodles so they can fit inside boots (too wide now).

      • Lainie, do you also get a small percentage of sales from links in this post (not just the new Mom post)? I used the link to make my purchase, just in case. Glad you are getting some benefits from the great work you are doing for us all!!

        • Hi Reeve,

          Yes but there’s lot’s of conditions like, people have to purchase within 24 hours etc. I think it’s like $2.50 on a $50 pair of shoes but everything helps 😀. Yhank you 💕

  2. Thank you! I just started wearing my AFO brace for a few weeks and I am in a wedding the first week in October. I have been stressing over what I can wear for shoes. I really appriciate you and your posts while I am adjusting to this new lifestyle.

  3. What a great selection, and such a handy way to show styles for comfort and effectiveness! I love those cork sole ones on the top right (website says they’re suede on top so very neat yet swish). Very useful post because footwear and insoles can be so important but hard to get right.

  4. Hi!
    I’m going on a cruise in January and love all the options. Thank you! I’m new to wearing an AFO (carbon fiber). How do you wear sandals without removable insoles??? I can’t figure that one out.

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