I’m pretty sure fall gets the ”favorite season” award for people living with chronic conditions and disabilities. Personally, my body just works better with pumpkin spice lattes, crisp, not too hot & not too cold air, and the return of my favorite tv shows.

But, the best best best part about fall as a leg brace (afo) wearer, is that there are way more fashion and shoe options to choose from. I love that after a hot summer  in maxi dresses, I can finally show some leg by pairing short dresses (not too short) with tights and a great pair of tall leather boots. In a future post, I will show how this look works on different body types and give a few outfit suggestions. But, for now, if you’re new here, or want to revisit my post on how to wear boots with orthotics, you can check it out here: Boots are a Bi$#!.

This fall, I’m loving the cropped frayed hem jeans with booties style. I look for mid or high rise jeans in a super stretchy poly, cotton and lycra fabric. I like my jeans to feel as soft as leggings. When choosing jeans to wear with booties, I pick a slim, straight leg style that can easily stretch over and conceal my leg braces. If you’re feeling crafty and have an extra pair of jeans lying around, you can always check out my Tweak of The Week called, DIY your own frayed jeans.

I love accessories as they add personality to any outfit. Since my fingers have little to no muscle or pincher grip ability, it’s not easy (a total understatement) for me to put on earrings with backings or manipulate bracelet clasps. I was excited to find a cool bracelet with a magnetic clasp and an awesome pair of earrings with an easy to insert long post.

During the daytime and on weekends, I pair the cropped jeans with tees and cardigans. At night, I love silky camis with a blazer over them or a stand alone, cute and colorful long sleeve top.  

Now for the fun part, or not so fun part, if the act of trying on shoes gets your heart rate well into the cardio zone.  I typically look for a flat or flatform bootie (ankle high boot) in a wide or extra wide width with a non skid sole. Some regular width booties work when they have removable footbeds and a wide enough opening. I look for ones with zippers or adjustable velcro.

Click here for more bootie options.

What do you think? Would you wear any of the items above? What is your style? I would love hear from you in the comments below.


  1. I pick up my first AFOs today and will go shoe shopping as I have none that will take an AFO. I am so used to not finding my size (8AAAA) in shoe stores and having to order them that it will feel very weird to wear a more normal size. Will try for gym shoes first as that should be the easiest to fit. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to wear boots, but it will be 84 today and maybe not cold enough all winter. I’m still in sandals! This will be an adventure!

    • Hi Lesley,
      I am jealous of the 84 degrees as it is getting cold here. Wow! That is a narrow foot. I have the opposite problem. As I told you in the email, good luck with the afo and reach out to me on Facebook anytime with questions.

    • Hi Lesley, I have been through 3 different types of UFO’s, so I asked my doctor if I could wear boots. Her answer to my question surprised me, and she said yes, BUT they had to be hiking boots, work boots, cowgirl boots or any over the ankel boot which could accommodate my orthodics. I have blue hiking boots and purple work boots, love them. I have a 4A heel and thin foot and exrremely thin leggs. Hunt around and find something nice which offers your ankels good support. I currently live in Arizona and wear boots year round, but I’m ok with that. I am older also, 70. Happy Birthday to you enjoy your day!

  2. BTW, I wear narrow width shoes. My left foot is size 9-half, bit of a foot drop. Right foot is size 10. Trying inserts (etsy) which fit in front of toes on left foot. Cheers ladies!

    • Hi Suaan,

      I’m not sure if you wrote another message before this that didn’t come through or not? I rode a whole posts called Odd Shoe Out That also has a pair of insoles meant to fill up space in a shoe that is too large. Hopefully the ones you bought from at se that also has a pair of insoles meant to fill up space and a shoe that is too large. Hopefully the one she bought from Etsy work though ?.

  3. Hi Lainie,
    I wear A phatbrace which is like an afo/exosym. It wraps around my whole foot and as of yet, I can Only wear men’s size 8.5 eeee extra wide. There in flexion whatsoever for me to get my foot in. What shoes and size would you suggest. I’m sick of going to weddings with sneakers!!!

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for reaching out. I just looked up the phat brace and do see why you need the width. Obviously, as you probably already know, you need That open at the sides with zippers or velcro. You didn’t mention what type of shoe you are wanting? Assuming an alternative to a man’s gym shoe right? Have you seen the Billy shoes btw? I do have some thoughts. You can email me at info@trend-able.com .

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