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Upcoming Workshops 2019

October 22

Health Union Patient Advocate Conference, Philadelphia

October 25-27

Abilities Expo , San Mateo California

November 8-10

Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation Summit, Pheonix Arizona

December 13-15

Abilities Expo, Dallas Texas

EmBRACE It is a podcast and workshop series sponsored by Trend-Able in partnership with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation. Lainie Ishbia, MSW and Estela Lugo have created the Embrace it series to help empower people with disabilities and chronic conditions to look and feel their best and to ultimately live their best lives. Through their communication and assertiveness trainings, disability hacks, and confidence building exercises, Lainie & Estela have helped hundreds of individuals living with physical challenges to improve their quality of life.

Lainie and/or Estela can customize workshops and trainings to meet the needs of any audience. Some of their most popular topics include:

  • A Recipe for Asking For Help When You Have A Disability
  • How To Talk To Anyone About Your Chronic Condition
  • A Girlfriend’s Guide To Living With An Invisible Disability
  • Adaptive Fashion, Beauty, and Other Workarounds
  • How To EmBRACE Your Imperfections
  • Photoshop 101 For A New & Improved Self-Image

For rates and additional info. Contact Lainie at info@trend-able.com

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