Shoe trends and links for women who have CMT, MS, EDS, And other neurological disorders and wear AFOs

One of the easiest ways to update an old pair of jeans is to cut off the bottom seam. Some skinny jeans taper close to the bottom and, by cutting the fixed seam, they may become stretchy enough to fit over an afo and pair with either high-top sneakers or ankle wrapped sandals. You can also easily update slim, straight, flare and bootcut style denim.

This is a super easy DIY project that even those with hand neuropathy can do, as an uneven edge will look purposeful. If you have trouble cutting, ask a friend to help. Here are the steps:

  • Use chalk and a measuring tape to mark cut lines about two inches above the current seam in order to hit at the bottom ankle.
  • Use scissors to cut the marked chalk lines.
  • For more fraying, sandpaper can be used on the ends and loose threads pulled.
  • Throw jeans in washer and dryer.

What are your favorite Tweaks?


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