Disability Hack for on the go adults with hand neuropathy.

If you have fine motor issues, then you know all too well the struggle of pulling, gripping, and sliding any type of card. In my post, ”How To Get A Grip When You Literally Can’t”, I talk about the daily challenges I encounter just running basic errands with hand neuropathy.

Whenever I’m asked to show my drivers license I cringe. Instead of struggling to use a pincher grip that doesn’t pinch, I typically just hand over my entire wallet. But, not anymore. In under 10 minutes & a trip to my local hardware store, I made a ring gripper for my credit cards & drivers license. Here’s what I bought & how I made it:


  • string (or leather twine)

  • medium or large size rubber key identifiers

  • hole puncher

  • Scissors

Putting it Together:

** If hole punching a card with a chip and/or slider, it’s very important to hole punch the correct corner. Pretend to be inserting it into an atm machine and sliding it in a card reader. Then, use a pen to mark the only corner that won’t interfere with either process.

Once you determine the correct corner to punch a hole; punch it. Next, put string or twine through the hole of the card and slip the colored key identifier through the string. The final step is to tightly double or even triple tie all three items together and cut off any excess string.

This easy adaption allows me to grip & maneuver cards. Of course, I needed help to make it, but my kids were happy to help out. Now, when I go to the atm machine or need to show my drivers license, I just slip my finger into the hole and use it to maneuver the card. Ta Da!



  1. That is brilliant! And no “officials” ever question the hole in the card? My worst is the tiny card I get from the gym that slips down into my wallet pocket. Thanks, Lainie!

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