Wide Width Dress Flats For Orthotic & Afo wearers.

‘Tis the season for freezing your ass off, maxing out your credit cards and for me, stressing about what to wear to holiday parties over leg braces .

With Thanksgiving coming this week, the holiday season brings up all kinds of emotions when you have an invisible disability. In a future post, I’ll be giving holiday party survival tips but right now I’m all about the shoes.

If like me, the only place you’ll be wearing red soled Louboutin stiletto’s is in your dreams, then you’ll be thrilled to know that dressy flats are in style this year.

Whether you wear afos (leg braces), orthotics, or just need wide width shoes, the following 12 pairs of dress flats are festive, comfortable, and supportive. Bonus, most are under $100. I’m wearing a pair in the photo below over my carbon fiber afos in size 8ww.

If you’re new here, please note that the shoes I am recommending may or may not work for you; Everyone has different feet, needs and abilities. I am not a doctor, orthotist, or a rule follower. In other words, please don’t sue me. I am here to help you to the best of my abilities.

After 20+ years of wearing 4 different types of leg braces, I’ve become an expert at finding fashionable shoes that fit and that I can comfortably walk in. See my post on finding boots to fit orthotics and afos.

Please use this post as inspiration and try not to get discouraged if the first few pairs you order don’t fit or if the ones you like are out of stock in your size. Just keep trying. Ok?

Looking for an outfit to wear with your new dress flats? Here are some cute pieces I found that are both fashion forward and disability friendly. I love to mix and match high end items (like the Gucci handbag) with less expensive (but quality) pieces.

Shop The Look Here 

What do you think? Which ones are your favorite? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


      • Hi Lanie,

        My sister had a horseback riding accident and now has drop foot. She has to wear afo leg braces in order to walk. It is mind boggling to me that they don’t make a brace that you can walk in without having to wear a shoe. She is pretty much limited to tennis shoes and is really struggling with this. Prior to her accident, she competed in tough mudders, did tri athalons, and was always dressed to the 9’s. She is struggling to find a cute ballet flats, sandals, or any shoe other than a tennis shoe that work with her afo’s. It is killing me to see her like this…her spirit is gone. The problem she experiences with other style shoes, is the afo brace slides up out of the shoe, or she has a difficult time getting them into the shoe. What suggestions do you have for summer time? She dreads summers because she only wears pants and tennis shoes and we live in Florida in 100 degree weather. Thanks for any advice, tips, etc!

  1. Great choices Lainie. I wear orthotic’s without braces, I wear boots which cover my ankles. I’ve had 3 different kinds of braces. Ugh! Dr has allowed the boots, amen. Boots are in this year, yay, ant boot suggestions for the holidays?

  2. Thanks so much. I’m new to AFO’s & new to your site. You’re inspiring, and it’s good to know I’m not crazy to search for something other than clunky sneakers to wear with my braces. Happy Thanksgiving, and keep the good info coming.

    • Hi Mary Jo,

      I am so glad you found the website and that the timing is spot on with your new afos. Please let me know anytime if you have questions. I would love to meet you via our Facebook page too. Happy Thanksgiving !

  3. Hi Lainie. Thanks for the blog and insta it gives me hope to look good with AFOs. Been resistant to the fact that I need them.

    Going to try in Jan once my op has healed. I can only find cute WW overseas. Just as a guide are the shoes a size bigger than your size without AFOs or is it just the wider width.

    • Hi Sam,

      First , thanks for reading and good luck with your surgery. ?.The shoes I listed here in ww are a regular size just wider. Also, this is true of the boots post as well. I hope that answers your question .

  4. Hi Lainie

    Thanks for the inspiring insta and blog. It gives me hope that I can be stylish and yet wear AFOs. I have been avoiding them but I am determined to give them a shot after recovering from my op.

    It’s likely that I would have to shop cute shoes overseas for a wide width. As a guide is the shoes that fit the same size as what you would wear without an AFO or is it a size bigger.


  5. I wear an AFO. My ankle was collapsing. My foot turns so I’m walking somewhat on the outer edge. My son is getting married. I need a dress shoe that is extra wide and extra deep. What do you suggest?

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