Fine motor Issues & Bracelets

Have hand neuropathy?  Love to wear bracelets but struggle to put them on?  Well, say goodbye to clasps and hello to jewelry independence with stretch elastic bracelets!

I love these lava stone bracelets with pops of colored stones!  I also love aromatherapy.  And these bracelets are made for essential oils.  Lavender essential oil is calming while mint is refreshing.  Not big on scents?  That’s okay too.  Just wear the bracelet for it’s unique beauty without any oils!  If you’re still not sold on them – and why wouldn’t you be??? – there’s even more to love about lava stone bracelets.  10% of all purchases go to charity!  The company that makes these bracelets helps keep homeless women off the streets by providing “dignified employment”.  I gladly support companies who truly help others.

While we’re on the subject of fashion, have you read my post Easy Dressing Hacks for People with Disabilities?  You’ll get lots more tips and tricks with fashion.  Let’s continue to share and encourage one another. xoxo

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