I love jumpsuits! Depending on the material and type of closure, jumpsuits can be a great choice for people who wear assisted devices and/or have chronic conditions. They are always in style and are a chic alternative to an LBD (little black dress) when an event requires cocktail attire.

Some of the jumpsuits pictured can be easily pulled on & off without having to use zippers or buttons. You can modify those that have back or side zippers by attaching a zipper pull extender or ribbon to the bottom. Or, you can replace the closure with hooks and loops or velcro. Here are some of my favorite jumpsuits this season:


Maxi dresses have been in stye for years and are probably one of the best summer clothing options for women with invisible physical disabilities. They’re super easy and comfortable to wear, as many can slip right over your head. A cotton or linen maxi dress will prevent you from becoming overheated on a hot summer day, while a silk chiffon maxi dress in a beautiful floral print, is the perfect outdoor wedding and party choice. The best part about maxi dresses, is that they are forgiving and flattering on all body types, including petite and plus size women.

Regardless of height, a maxi style dress should just skim the top of your shoes. Tip: To avoid my shoes getting caught in a maxi dress and tripping, I keep a hair scrunchie on my wrist and use it to hike up my maxi dress when climbing up or down stairs. Here are some great options to wear for both daytime and evening.


I love super soft and stretchy jeans. If you wear leg braces and choose not to show them, there are other denim options besides wide bootcut and flare jeans. You can check out my ”Tweak of the Week” called DIY Frayed Denim, to learn how to repurpose and modernize older denim styles.

If you like the look of skinny jeans and wear leg braces, you will find that many slim and straight leg denim styles, are stretchy enough to pull over your head and conceal your orthosis. Here are some of my favorite brands and styles that feel as good on as they look.


When the weather is hot, comfortable linen or cotton are a daytime go to. I choose comfortable and easy to wear pull-on styles so that I don’t have to deal with zippers or buttons. Here are some great pant options to pair with fitted top this season.