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How to wear and find adult size boots for afos and orthotics .


A Foot-Challenged Girl’s Attempt To Find Mr. Right Pair Shoe shopping sucks in general. It’s a ton of work and rarely satisfying. My girlfriends (the ones with perfect arches and no cankles) appear to love shoe shopping as much (or maybe even more) than sex. Some women get a visible flushed face high from finding the perfect…

How I finally found sandals that fit my Kafos & disability

How I finally found sandals that fit my Kafos & disability

Shoe shopping has always been difficult for me. I was born with classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and, along with faulty connective tissue and loose joints, I was born with flat feet. I have weak ankles, huge bunions on both big toes, crooked and curled smaller toes, stretched Achilles tendons, and a variety of other issues that make finding a comfortable, supportive, stylish pair of shoes about as easy as finding a double-rainbow.

Top summer outfit ideas for people who wear afos and orthotics.

The Perfect Summer outfits for those who wear AFOs

My name is Cori Fischer. I am 20 years old and have a movement disorder that requires me to wear an AFO brace on each leg. Summer can be a tough season, especially with clothes. I know how hard it can be if you don’t want your braces, or scars, to show all of the time, but most summer clothes require you to do so. I have had six leg surgeries & as a result, have many scars on my legs which can sometimes be nice to cover up on occasion.

Comfortable and fashionable wide width shoes for orthotics and afos leg braces. CMT


I’ve scoured the internet and poured through hundreds of reviews to find the most comfortable and trendiest sandals of the season that work for AFO and orthotic wearers. I had to pick 16 (no easy feat) because, even though Molly Ringwald has absolutely nothing to do with comfort sandals, I like the sound of 16 Sandals/Candles and had to use it for the title of this post.

Cute & trendy transition spring shoes/booties that fit afo and orthotics.

New Spring Transition Shoes

It’s that time of year when we’re all tired of wearing sweaters and snow boots and ready to pull out the warm weather clothes. Although the days are longer and temps are beginning to rise, it’s not yet warm enough to go outside without layers, or to wear sandals without getting hypothermia.

Cruising fashion, tips, hacks, and advice for enjoying a cruise with a disability.


Pools & beaches can be extremely anxiety provoking, so I try to make what I wear over my afos as comfortable and as easy to get on and off as possible. I typically pair a cute & comfy pull on jumpsuit in a lightweight, flowy material with the most flattering swimsuit I can find. Waterproof sandals with velcro closures are a resort staple as well as cute stretchy flats that are easy to slip on & off.