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Disability Products & Reviews Disability hack for self manicures


This holder & stabilizer for nail tools is one of those, ”why didn’t I think of that?” simple but helpful gadgets. When you have a hangnail & don’t have time for a manicure, this device keeps your tools stable so you can push down on a nail clipper instead of…

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Disability Products & Reviews Slipper alternative for leg brace afo wearers to prevent slipping.

No Slip Socks That Rock!

These no slip socks are a great slipper alternative. When I don’t have time to put on my leg braces for quick trips to the bathroom or when letting my dogs out, I throw these no slip socks on.  I always feel secure and safe that I won’t slip and…

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Disability Products & Reviews no spill carrier that's helpful for people with CMT or MS


This is a photo of my son Blake using ” The Incredible Spill Not” to carry a full cup of hot coffee in a ceramic mug up our stairs. I saw this product on Amazon & had to try it. First, Blake swung the mug back and forth in each…

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Disability Products & Reviews gripper help for people with ms, cmt, rhematoid arthritis and other invisible disabilities or neurological issues.


Trend-ABLE is all about living your best life and not letting your physical challenges and/or disabilities get in the way of looking and feeling your best. Some of us struggle with everyday tasks, like, shaving one’s legs and writing quick notes. I really like these foam grippers by Vive. At…

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Disability Products & Reviews Alternative No slip socks for people with CMT, MS and afo leg brace wearers


Afo (leg brace) wearers have to wear shoes when wearing afos; they simply don’t work alone. If you rely on leg braces for stability and/or foot drop, then you most likely wear both shoes and afos every-time you leave your home. I feel more comfortable wearing both shoes and braces…

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