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Disability Products & Reviews portable scissors for people with charcot marie tooth disease & ms

Use Scissors Not Your Teeth

In my blog ”Tips For Girlfriends With Neuropathy”, I wrote about the costly mistake of always using my teeth to open things. Since the ”missing tooth incident”, I always keep a pair of these soft grip scissors in my purse and another pair in the glove box of my car…

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Disability Products & Reviews

The Spill Not Cup Carrier

Are you frustrated with spilled drinks while carrying your cup or mug around your house?  I know I was until I found this cool Spill Not Cup Carrier that was the answer to my   problems!  With my tremors & weak hands from Charcot Marie Tooth (more on me & CMT) I used…

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Disability Products & Reviews A fan with mister for keeping cool when you have a disability or chronic condition

Hand-Held Rechargeable Fan & Mister

I have a new love.  Yup.  Let me introduce you.  Meet the rechargeable fan with mister! Sometimes things just get too darn hot!  Like super steaming hot!  I’m not sure about you, but I sure don’t want my makeup to smudge. Especially after I’ve spent so long putting it on. …

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Disability Products & Reviews Disability hack for in the shower for those with neuromuscular disorders.

Baby Got Back (Clean)

Get your own back; literally. This long handled applicator eliminates the need to bend and twist to apply moisturizers, lotions & sunscreens in those hard to reach areas. The cord loop is large enough to fit over your wrist and it can conveniently hang on a hook in your shower.

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