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2019 Best Holiday Gifts For People With CMT & Other Disabilities

2019 Best Holiday Gifts For People With CMT & Other Disabilities

As a person living with disabilities due to CMT Disorder, (read more about me here) the gifts I’ve curated below are ones that I want (hopefully my family reads my blogs😂) and that I would be blown away to receive. Although some of the items may have a higher price tag than usual, their reported impact on some (real) reviewers lives has been life-changing. And, ‘‘tis the season to splurge, anyway, right?

Gadget for people with with feet related neuromuscular disorders.

Taking My Podiatrist Off Speed Dial

Whether you wear leg braces or not, people with problem feet are prone to callouses. They can make walking painful and feel awful. It is hard for me to file my own feet as I also have trouble with my hands. Before I bought one of these rechargeable electric files, I was going to the podiatrist and pedicure places regularly.

This is the one I bought and the button was not hard for me to push. There are many other brands that may work better for you.

Disability Hack for people with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder CMT or other Neuromuscular disorders


You don’t realize how many everyday tasks require the use of a pincher grip until you don’t have one. To clarify, I have pinchers (fingers), it’s the gripping part that doesn’t cooperate.

Although I try to be positive and live my best life despite having peripheral neuropathy, it’s the small things, that can be the most frustrating and get me off my groove. Btw, if you have no clue who I am, or what I have, start here.