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Products to help people with MS & disabilities stay cool in the summer heat

Cooling Products to help you beat the heat with a disability

Does anyone else wish we could press fast forward on Summer 2020?

With camps & pools closed & all summer activities canceled due to Coronavirus, our only real respite from the claustrophobia of quarantining for months indoors is time spent “socially distanced” in the great outdoors. So of course, it’s literally the most uncomfortable summer ever here in Michigan with weeks on end of 90+ degree temps & high humidity. Ugh! Can’t we catch a break?

10 Thinking Traps When You Have A Disability

Did you know that each day the average person has about 60,000 thoughts? Some researchers say that this number is actually closer to 100,000. Although math isn’t exactly my strong-suit (My kid’s stopped asking me for help with their math homework after 4th grade), I’m thinking that irregardless of the exact number, our brains are really busy. I know mine’s been working overtime ever since my kids became teenagers.

How to balance Christmas parties & life an invisible disability like Charcot Marie Tooth, MS, Cerebral Palsy, & neuropathy.

Holiday Survival

The Holiday Season isn’t all jingle bells and sleigh rides when you have an invisible disability. As temps begin falling and your calendar starts filling, the stress and worry about how the hell you’ll make it through it all, rears it’s Scrooge like head. Of course this time of year can be stressful for everyone. There is a ton of pressure to be merry and create picture perfect, Norman Rockwell like moments, to then post on Facebook of course.