live your best life – disability hacks and advice for neuropathy

Advice Ice packs to keep those with chronic conditions cool.

Stuff Your Bra

These tiny ice packs have fabric on one side. I put them inside my bra or tuck them under my leg braces for an instant cool down in the summer heat.

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Advice Cooling towels for those with Chronic conditions or disabilities

Keep Your Cool

These packable towels are awesome & super convenient when you have to be outdoors in the heat. Just get them wet & then shake them to activate.

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Advice A fan with mister for keeping cool when you have a disability or chronic condition

Hand-Held Rechargeable Fan & Mister

I have a new love.  Yup.  Let me introduce you.  Meet the rechargeable fan with mister! Sometimes things just get too darn hot!  Like super steaming hot!  I’m not sure about you, but I sure don’t want my makeup to smudge. Especially after I’ve spent so long putting it on. …

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Advice Water bottle with a straw for those with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder.

Ice Ice Baby! The Best Water Bottle

This is a less expensive version of a best selling insulated water bottle that uses the same technology to keep beverages icy cold the whole day; Literally. This one comes with 4 different style lids including one with an attached straw.

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Advice A tool for zipping, pulling & buttoning when you have a disability or neuromuscular disorder.


Going shopping? Throw this in your purse & you’ll have all the dressing tools you need for trying on & removing clothing and shoes. It’s also great to take with you when traveling.

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Advice Disability hack for blowdrying your hair when you have a chronic condition or disability

Blow Dry Your Hair Without Breaking A Sweat

This amazingly simple device can be life changing for some women as it allows you to blow dry your hair without holding a heavy dryer. This one is made by a well respected beauty brand & has a heavy base that doesn’t fall over. You just attach any size blowdryer…

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Advice Disability tool for buttoning and zippers when you have a neuromuscular condition like charcot marie tooth, arthritis or ms.

Don’t Miss A Button

For anyone with fine motor challenges, these button assist tools are indispensable. I like this one because it has a large soft grip handle and doubles as a pulling tool for zippers.

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Advice Disability hack for in the shower for those with neuromuscular disorders.

Baby Got Back (Clean)

Get your own back; literally. This long handled applicator eliminates the need to bend and twist to apply moisturizers, lotions & sunscreens in those hard to reach areas. The cord loop is large enough to fit over your wrist and it can conveniently hang on a hook in your shower.

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Advice Disability hack for those who struggle with neuromuscular conditions

Sock it To Me! Sock Slider

If you have back problems and difficulty bending and twisting , this sock assist device will be a huge help. It’s a huge time savor for many people but does require some hand dexterity so it’s not ideal for those who have hand neuropathy.

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Advice Disability hack for self manicures


This holder & stabilizer for nail tools is one of those, ”why didn’t I think of that?” simple but helpful gadgets. When you have a hangnail & don’t have time for a manicure, this device keeps your tools stable so you can push down on a nail clipper instead of…

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Advice Disability Hack for on the go adults with hand neuropathy.


If you have fine motor issues, then you know all too well the struggle of pulling, gripping, and sliding any type of card. In my post, ”How To Get A Grip When You Literally Can’t”, I talk about the daily challenges I encounter just running basic errands with hand neuropathy.…

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