Puurfect Opener

The PurrFect Gripper Jar and Bottle Opener is pretty cool and all in one tool for anyone with grasping, upper extremity disabilities, or arthritis. It features a cat-shaped head at one end and is designed to fit around the twist top of water or soda bottles to aid in opening them. The body end of this cat-shaped opener is flexible and designed to fit around jar lids of all sizes. Other features include a serrated packaging cutter between the cat’s ears, and a built-in magnet that holds it on the refrigerator.

Hands Free Faucet Adapter

This adapter turns any kitchen or bathroom faucet into a hands-free faucet. The unit features a built-in infrared sensor that automatically turns the water on when hand movement is detected in front of the fixture. The water stays on only as long as the sensor is activated, eliminating unattended running water. This adapter fits all standard faucets and installs without the need for a plumber.


This box cutter is awesome and safe to use! The finger friendly and ergonomic handle is shaped perfectly for people with tremors and fine motor challenges.

Microwave Grips

These Microwave Grips, are actually designed for people with disabilities. They will help someone with limited hand strength to securely transfer hot or warm dishes from the microwave to the kitchen counter, kitchen table, or to a serving tray, etc. Made of heat resistant silicone. Raised ridges and bumps are designed to give the user a secure, comfortable hold.

Disability hack for carrying hot beverages

The Spill Not Cup Carrier

This is the coolest device. You can literally fill a hot coffee up to the rim, go up & down stairs; swing the carrier back & forth, and the cup doesn’t budge from the center of the carrier. I love having clean, no coffee stained carpets.

Disability tool for cutting when you have cerebral palsy or Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder

Cut Your Food Without Cutting Yourself

The Rocking T Knife is an awesome tool for people who have limited hand function, tremors and/or a weak grasp. The reviews are stellar on this kitchen tool that will prevent a trip to the ER.