Disability hack for carrying hot beverages

The Spill Not Cup Carrier

This is the coolest device. You can literally fill a hot coffee up to the rim, go up & down stairs; swing the carrier back & forth, and the cup doesn’t budge from the center of the carrier. I love having clean, no coffee stained carpets.

Disability tool for cutting when you have cerebral palsy or Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder

Cut Your Food Without Cutting Yourself

The Rocking T Knife is an awesome tool for people who have limited hand function, tremors and/or a weak grasp. The reviews are stellar on this kitchen tool that will prevent a trip to the ER.

Slipper alternative for leg brace afo wearers to prevent slipping.

No Slip Socks That Rock!

These no slip socks are a great slipper alternative. When I don’t have time to put on my leg braces, (quick trips to the bathroom or when letting my dogs out) I throw them on and feel secure I won’t slip and fall. I also use them for pilates class. The non-skid material doesn’t hurt my feet and they come to mid ankle. Bonus Tip : If your orthotics tend to move around in your shoes, stop them from moving by wearing non-slip socks like these.

Eating tools to assist those with neuromuscular conditions be active & independent

Utensil Set For Shaky Hands

This utensil kit for those who experience mild to moderate hand tremors gets tons of positive reviews. Reportedly, it can sense and counteract hand tremors and helps you get food into your mouth instead of all over clothing.

Disability hack to assist those with neuromuscular conditions open jars

One Touch Jar Opener

This is one of those As Seen on TV Products that you will actually use and rely upon. If your grip strength is limited, this will be your new bestie.

Voice assist hack to help those with CMT, MS or other neuromuscular conditions.

“Alexa, Please Unload The Dishwasher”

Ok, she can’t do that, but she can do other helpful things. When my hands hurt   from neuropathy or too much typing, I simply ask Alexa to do tasks like setting a kitchen timor to letting me know what time a movie is playing at my local theater. Alexa will also turn off lamps, read books out loud & of course,  shop and purchase groceries and other items on Amazon. If you have a disability and don’t already an Amazon Alexa, you’ll love her.