Cori Fischer provides life lessons learned from having an invisible disability and shares her life journey since being diagnosed with a movement disorder.

5 Life Lessons Learned From A Movement Disorder

There are many things that can be learned from having a disability – lessons that apply to everyone, disability or not. Although I am a sophomore in college now, when I was in eighth grade, I started to lose control of my legs.

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How I found myself through Disability, Shoes, & Fashion

How I Found Myself Through Disability & Fashion

There’s a video of me at my third birthday party. I’ve watched it so many times, it’s almost my own memory. I’m Shirley Temple’s 1990s doppelgänger in a frilly dress, my blonde ringlets barely held back by a strand of yarn. In the small swath of thick carpet not covered…

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How to look & feel sexy on Valentine's Day with an invisible disability, afos and neuropathy.

Date Night Valentines Day

There is no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to channel your inner Beyonce and act like the sexy goddess you are. Whether you’re planning a romantic night out, dinner with girlfriends, or a date night with Netflix & some cheap champagne, February 14th is all about looking and feeling red…

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Revere Shoes - great for Afo & orthotic wearers

Revere Shoes – great for Afo & orthotic wearers

I received two pairs of Revere Shoes at no charge & will get a small commission should you decide to use the links provided in this post. I created Trend-ABLE to help empower orthosis wearers & others with invisible disabilities to look & feel their best. All opinions are always…

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best stylish shoes for foot drop


Foot drop is a condition that prevents you from being able to raise the front part of your foot due to a weakness or paralysis of the muscles that control your ability to lift the foot. It can significantly affect your ability to walk without tripping or falling and may…

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quotes about invisible disability - quotes about disability and fashion

40 quotes about invisible disability and fashion

We all have had days when it’s a struggle to put on our positivity pants (especially the kind with tiny zippers that are hard to grasp). Believe me, I get it…. Living with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder (start here to learn more about me) is not all everyday rainbows and…

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Please note that this post about what to wear to a wedding with afos was previously published and has been updated to include current summer wedding fashion and affiliate links. These links do pay a small commission that does not affect the price you pay but does help me offset…

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Comfortable and fashionable wide width shoes for orthotics and afos leg braces. CMT


I’ve scoured the internet and poured through hundreds of reviews to find the most comfortable and trendiest sandals of the season that work for AFO and orthotic wearers. I had to pick 16 (no easy feat) because, even though Molly Ringwald has absolutely nothing to do with comfort sandals, I…

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