It’s the small details that can make a huge difference in how we look and feel about ourselves. Jewelry and purses are the finishing touches to every outfit; adding flair and showcasing one’s personality. However, for those of us with fine motor challenges due to hand neuropathy, putting on jewelry is often not worth the struggle.

You can buy magnetic clasp attachments to use with your current jewelry and/or buy new jewelry with magnetic closures already attached. Bracelets are an easy accessory as cuffs and stretchy style bracelets are on trend and do not have clasps. Earrings are a bit more difficult. I look for lever back styles or ones with very long posts that do not require backings. In terms of handbags, I’m a designer girl and prefer a small to medium crossbody bag with either a wrist or shoulder strap attached. Here are some of the current styles I’m loving.