Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


Sneakers are everywhere these days and not just reserved for the gym or casual weekend wear. Cute sneakers can be worn with tailored dress pants and a button-down or a maxi dress in the summer. I tried on this cute pair by Natural Soul at Nordstrom’s and couldn’t decide which color to buy. The orthotic…

shoe help for people with leg braces or orthotics


When I first started wearing leg braces, I thought my cute shoe days were over forever. Since the brace made my already wide foot even wider, I thought the only bearable option were wide-width overpriced “comfort shoes”.

I had an epiphany a few years ago when I realized that since I remove the insoles from every pair of shoes, I’m not really getting or apparently needing the “comfort” part; My leg braces are doing the real work.

What I really needed, were wide shoes with depth, good soles & stability. Some plus size stores have EEEE width shoes. They are mostly inexpensive and best of all, always on trend.

Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


When you need a bit of extra room to maneuver your foot and/or orthotic into a shoe, the double zipper trend becomes not just cute, but functional as well. These are cute zip trainers with some bling by Comfortview.  They are available in wide to EEE width.

Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


Women with foot and balance issues are always scanning the ground for slippery spots or pavement cracks that could cause a fall. The last thing we need, is slippery shoes. Menswear influenced loafers with athletic rubber soles are in style. I think this pair is very cute for Spring and they actually come in an…

Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


These chic ankle boots by Sudini are surprisingly lightweight and come in a wide width. The even platform sole gives you another inch of height and makes your legs look longer. I love the hook & loop easy grab closure and saw-edge no slip bottom. It’s lighter weight than it appears. They even have removable…

Shoes for AFO, Orthotics and/or Leg Braces


I love this pair of adjustable velcro shoes by Plae called the “Larkin”. After reading about the Company and their  “plae it forward” mission, I fell in love.  Not only do the shoes have velcro for hand-challenged people like me, they have great traction , removable insoles, and room for AFO’s and orthotics.  …