Woman With Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder


To say it has not been easy finding myself is an understatement for sure
I literally put my parents through virtual hell from age 10 until my early twenties.

I’ll spare you the details for now. Let’s just say…
Delinquent Depressed teenage girl + mom fed up and near nervous breakdown = Shipped off to Boarding School far far away
Like many teenage girls, I was really insecure and wanted to be accepted so badly that I literally cried out for attention.

Everything was black & white and I remember worrying constantly…

What if No one saves me a seat at lunch?
What if I NEVER get invited to Homecoming?
What if no boy EVER really likes me?

I wanted to have the “perfect body” and “perfect boyfriend” just like Seventeen Magazine told me I could have and should have.

There were no Dove “Real Beauty” campaigns back in the 80’s.