Hi, I’m Lainie

If you just stumbled here (literally for some) you are definitely in the right place.

I am soooo happy you found this site and can’t wait to meet you.

I can be controlling (picture my husband and kid’s enthusiastically nodding) at times
and rarely put myself in vulnerable situations.
Taking the pictures you see of me with my leg braces showing was really scary.
Posting those pictures for the world to see is beyond TERRIFYING.

Those of us with invisible (not so obvious) physical disabilities have unique fashion and every day life challenges.
I started Trend-ABLE because I am passionate about helping other PERFECTLY IMPERFECT women feel and look their best.


7 hacks for orthotics & afos

7 hacks for orthotics & afos

Being a full time leg brace wearer can be annoying & frustrating at times, but I’m grateful for them as I would not be able to do all that I can do without their help. So, when it comes to AFOS, the good definitely outweighs the bad, especially when you know hacks to make them more tolerable. What follows are 7 common Afo & orthotic problems and their solutions.

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Perfectly Imperfect Women Who Inspire

Inspiring People & Guest Posts MS , Humor, & Leg Braces by Shari Short

My Standup Comedy Life With MS By Shari Short

I started performing standup comedy when I was 14. I was a huge fan of Gilda Radner, but when I saw Joan Rivers doing a set on the show Solid Gold, I knew I had found an outlet for my humor. I also knew that I would be considered too young to be taken seriously as a comic. In the mid-80’s young comics, let alone female comics, were a rare breed.

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Fashion Cute & trendy transition spring shoes/booties that fit afo and orthotics.

New Spring Transition Shoes

It’s that time of year when we’re all tired of wearing sweaters and snow boots and ready to pull out the warm weather clothes. Although the days are longer and temps are beginning to rise, it’s not yet warm enough to go outside without layers, or to wear sandals without getting hypothermia.

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Fashion Cruising fashion, tips, hacks, and advice for enjoying a cruise with a disability.


Pools & beaches can be extremely anxiety provoking, so I try to make what I wear over my afos as comfortable and as easy to get on and off as possible. I typically pair a cute & comfy pull on jumpsuit in a lightweight, flowy material with the most flattering swimsuit I can find. Waterproof sandals with velcro closures are a resort staple as well as cute stretchy flats that are easy to slip on & off.

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