Hi, I’m Lainie

If you just stumbled here (literally for some) you are definitely in the right place.

I am soooo happy you found this site and can’t wait to meet you.

I can be controlling (picture my husband and kid’s enthusiastically nodding) at times
and rarely put myself in vulnerable situations.
Taking the pictures you see of me with my leg braces showing was really scary.
Posting those pictures for the world to see is beyond TERRIFYING.

Those of us with invisible (not so obvious) physical disabilities have unique fashion and every day life challenges.
I started Trend-ABLE because I am passionate about helping other PERFECTLY IMPERFECT women feel and look their best.


7 hacks for orthotics & afos

7 hacks for orthotics & afos

Being a full time leg brace wearer can be annoying & frustrating at times, but I’m grateful for them as I would not be able to do all that I can do without their help. So, when it comes to AFOS, the good definitely outweighs the bad, especially when you know hacks to make them more tolerable. What follows are 7 common Afo & orthotic problems and their solutions.

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Perfectly Imperfect Women Who Inspire


10 Thinking Traps When You Have A Disability

Did you know that each day the average person has about 60,000 thoughts? Some researchers say that this number is actually closer to 100,000. Although math isn’t exactly my strong-suit (My kid’s stopped asking me for help with their math homework after 4th grade), I’m thinking that irregardless of the exact number, our brains are really busy. I know mine’s been working overtime ever since my kids became teenagers.

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Lifestyle Dating with an Invisible Disability like CMT Disorder


Dating sucks. It sucked in the long ago landline days before the Internet, Match.com, and Tinder, and it sucks now.

Dating is a teeter-totter of emotions. One minute you are feeling up, energized, full of hope, anticipation, and excitement. The next minute, you are crashing down to the ground feeling hopeless, confused, and paranoid about the Whys? and What If’s?

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FashionGuest Posts How I found myself through Disability, Shoes, & Fashion

How I Found Myself Through Disability & Fashion

There’s a video of me at my third birthday party. I’ve watched it so many times, it’s almost my own memory. I’m Shirley Temple’s 1990s doppelgänger in a frilly dress, my blonde ringlets barely held back by a strand of yarn. In the small swath of thick carpet not covered in wrapping paper and new toys, I’m shuffling along in my very first pair of high heels.

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Lifestyle Hiding afos or showing them. Which is better?


Before launching Trend-Able, only my immediate family (and a few men I dated postdivorce -TMI?) had actually seen me in my afos (ankle-foot orthosis). I mostly kept them hidden under my clothing, not so much out of shame (age & Xanax helped with that) but more because, here comes the cliché, they don’t define me.

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FashionLifestyle How to look & feel sexy on Valentine's Day with an invisible disability, afos and neuropathy.

Date Night Valentines Day

There is no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to channel your inner Beyonce and act like the sexy goddess you are. Whether you’re planning a romantic night out, dinner with girlfriends, or a date night with Netflix & some cheap champagne, February 14th is all about looking and feeling red hot – disability, or not.

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