no spill carrier that's helpful for people with CMT or MS

This is a photo of my son Blake using ” The Incredible Spill Not” to carry a full cup of hot coffee in a ceramic mug up our stairs. I saw this product on Amazon & had to try it. First, Blake swung the mug back and forth in each direction and then he literally ran up the stairs. I fully expected to have a shattered mug and coffee stains to clean up , but the cup never even moved.

I tried it next. Since the loop is large, it was easy enough to grab and hold onto. I exaggerated my movements and shook and swung it in every direction. Again, the cup didn’t budge. This is a clever and useful product for just about anyone, but it’s particularly great for people who have difficulty with fine motor tasks and/or hand tremors. You can check it out here.


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